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Author Topic: Manually Replacing Corrupted System Files  (Read 5107 times)


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Manually Replacing Corrupted System Files
« on: September 12, 2014, 12:59:19 PM »

Today we had to replace 4 corrupted system files on a Windows 7 computer. Here is how we did it.

  • Identify the corrupted system files. This is done by using the System File Checker. Run Command Prompt and type in " sfc /scannow " Once the scan is complete, you need to find the log.
  • You now need to extract the log. Use the command " findstr /c:"[SR]" %windir%\Logs\CBS\CBS.log > "%userprofile%\Desktop\sfcdetails.txt" "
  • Obtain a known good copy of the system files (same ones that are corrupted). You can either get these from a Windows 7 install disk or you can copy them from another Windows 7 computer. Copy the known good onto a disk or flash drive if you are getting them from another computer.
  • Next you need to take ownership of the corrupted system files. You can do that by using the command " takeown /f c:\Windows\System32\systemfilename " (or other respectable path). You need to do this for every corrupted system file.
  • Next you need to grant administrator privileges to these files. Use the command " icacls c:\Windows\System32\systemfilename /GRANT ADMINISTRATORS:F  " (or other resectable path). You again need to do this for every corrupted system file.
  • Now it is time to replace the corrupted system files. Using your known good copies of the files, use the command " Copy D:\filepath C:\Windows\System32 " (or other respectable paths). Keep in mind that the format goes the destination of the known good file THEN the destination of the corrupted file.
  • It should now ask you if you want to replace the file. Press Y the enter. Assuming everything went well, it should say "1 File Copied".
  • Once you have replaced all the corrupted system files, restart the computer. Once the computer is back up, I would suggest you try checking forr errors/corrupted files again just to double check that everything worked.
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