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First Log-in as Local Admin, go to Apps and Features (Windows 10) or Programs and Features (Windows 7)

•Uninstall any programs listed Kyocera

Second UNC map to the server using: " \\data-file\apps$\drivers\printers "

•Scroll until you find a folder named " KX Driver Ver. 6.3.0909 "
•Double Click and open the only folder named " Kx630909_UPD_en "
•Scroll down and double Click on " Setup.exe " (Type is Application)

Third A program will then open.

Click on " Custom Install "
•Then " Devices "
•Then " Drivers "
•The Printer device you chose will be named " TASKalfa 5501 "
•The Driver you chose is " the recommended driver "
•Then Click " Install "


•Then go to Settings in " Printers and Scanners "
•Connect to " Kyocera TASKalfa 5501i KX "
•Once the computer shows that you are connected click on the printer and then click on the button labeled " Open Queue "
Click on tab labeled " printer " which will open a drop down Click on " Properties "
•Another window will open, Click on " Device Settings "
Click on " Administrator "
•Then on " Job Accounting "
Click on " Promt for code "

Finally Reboot the computer and it should be good.

*ALWAYS remove the battery before working on any hardware within the laptop
(on this model there are two levers for the battery, unlock the right one and push the left one to slide the battery out).
WEAR an ESD Wrist wrap to prevent any damage to motherboard and injury.


1. Have a sheet of paper with a layout of the laptop itself and left-bottom and right-bottom

2. The laptop should be upside down with the battery port facing away from you.

3. The panel to access the hard drive has two screws- unscrew them (if they come off the panel tape them to the paper where they would be located on the laptop).

4. Slightly slide the panel toward you and lift.

5. There should be a small black tab, gently peel it up and use it to help you pull the hard drive left to slide it out of it's port.

(*Document and tape down where any screws are taken out of to reference when re-assembling the parts.)


1. There is a frame around the hard drive. With this model of laptop you can peel/pop it off starting at one end and working around the hard drive.

2. Now, with the new hard drive there should be a foil-like covering, make sure that covering is on the new hard drive side with all the circuitry and has holes for any screws and the
    frame to fit into.

3. Pop back on the frame, make sure it's secure.

4. Place it back into the laptop (side with the sticker that has the info of the drive facing down).

5. Gently slide the hard drive back into it's respected port and stick down the black sticky tab.

6. Slide the panel and screw it into place (make sure it is seated correctly).

7. Slide the battery back into place and lock it if possible.

PC MASTER GAMING / Re: Which Game is better?
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On the poll, you forgot Gears of War! And what about Halo? That game revolutionized first person shooters.

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Hey are we going to plan a lan party any time soon?

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